It has always been our intention to make classical reds. In order to provide an adequate equilibrium in concentration for certain vintages we had to bleed off  (“saignée”) a certain amount of the juices. We discovered that the excess juice would provide a base for Rosé, full of character. This was not always the case, so that is why we did not have Rosé for every vintage. The last couple of years, however, the grapes have been riping so well, that we have been able to perfect our skills within this area and provide the world with a Rosé wine that is positively different.

Erik Sauter

Wine producer, Domaine Mondivin


The grapes for this wine mainly come from the vineyard “Am Haus”. This vineyard close to the Domain, literally behind the cellar, has been maturing quite adequately. According to the winemakers it has not yet achieved its full potential to be able to produce the desired red wines, yet has provided us with the opportunity to produce a Rosé that rightfully deserves its place within our portfolio. 

Soil composition

Top layer consists of non active Löss with an under layer of of calcium rich sandstone.


Manual harvest. The first selection starts in the vineyards. At the cellar the grapes wil be sorted via a sorting table. Extraction method via direct pressing. Slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Short maturation in oak vats of 2000 liters built in 2006.

Grape variety

100% Cabernet Sauvignon


A light combination of yellow and red with a copper glow.


2 to 4 years 

Alcohol percentage



Fragrant, floral aromas of eglantine and peony rose in combination with
fruity notes of strawberry and mango. Clean, pure smell. No sentiments of often noticed banana and candy cane.


Very refreshing almost crunchy matter at first contact.
Structured wine with a delicate balance. A distinctive and rich taste.
A subtle hint of tannin fits eloquently within the character of the wine.
It is a welcome change and provides for a refreshing difference compared to the “easy” and ofter sweet rose wines. Worthy finnish with quite a length.


The wine can very much be enjoyed as is, although combines flawlessly with fresh fish like sole, cod, even halibut, squid and a wide range of sushi. It can handle spicy tuna and refreshes the pallet after a bite of pickled ginger. High quality poultry like cuckoo and guinea fowl are favorites too.

The first Rosé originated from the “saignée” technique.
This is a well known and innocent technique that in the past was often called upon in order to provide a concentrated balance in the Bordeaux region.
After a couple of hours of maceration, a calculated amount up to a maximum of 10% is “bled” from the fermentation tanks. This in order to allow the remaining juices for more contact with phenolic materials that provide colouring and flavouring compounds.

Over the years, the organic concentration in the grapes developed to such a concentration that there is less need for such a concentration method.

However, the demand for Mondivin Rose grew. So when the opportunity to make Rosé arises we now produce via direct pressing according to the techniques white wines come to be.

By the bruising of the grapes and the contact with the stems and the grape skins and seeds only in the press, the wine obtains her colour. The fermentation and with it the conversion from glucose in to alcohol transforms this rather pink juice spontaneously in to a balanced and high quality Rosé.

Our Rosé wines usually have a sad origin. It has happened that our vineyards were struck with a haze of fungus due to low hanging mist or that hail surprised us shortly before harvest. Because of the direct pressing technique there is no actual maceration. By taking adequate and swift action in case of these occurrences we are able to produce a wonderful wine that incidentally has a pinkish colour with a copper glow.

Some years the Cabernet Sauvignon does not come to a fully fledged ripe for red grape. A lower alcohol percentage and the tasty wine acids then allow us to make to make Rosé from these grapes. The 2013 vintage is an excellent example.