In 1993, the year of the first harvest Mondivin  a small portion of a vineyard was planted with Kékfrankos this in addition to the Cabernet Franc.  
A native variety that has a kinship with the Gamay grape (Beaujolais). This kinship is clearly expressed in the french name for the grape, Gamay de Bulgarie.

These grapes were processed separately and resulted in Domaine Mondivin Kékfrankos.
A blend with Cabernet Franc was not an option and for Kékfrankos as such, no matter how good the wine, little interest was shown.

This grape showed such a great potential on the terroir, the decision was made to clear the area planted with Kekfrankos and plant Cabernet Franc here instead.

After the construction of the cellar in the year 2000 the lot behind the house was planted with Cabernet Sauvignon. The philosophy behind this decision mainly had to do with global warming.  The effects on the ripening process of the Cabernet Franc grape were clearly noticeable, increasing the glucose content in the grapes  and so forth increasing the alcohol percentage in the wine. In order to provide a balance, the slower ripening Cabernet Sauvignon could provide an ample counter effect.