Domaine Mondivin, is a small wineproducer in Hungary.
It produces mainly Cabernet Franc  and a blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

An adventure started in 1992 in the historic town of Hungarian red wine: Villány, 30 km. east of Pécs and 175 km south of Lake Balaton. The first vintage was 1993, still 100% alive.

This area is well known for its sublime red wines. It has a lot of potential and the wines are sought after and expensive. The best winemakers of the area have built a solid reputation worldwide within the last 20 years: Joseph Bock, Atila Gere, Malatinzsky, Zoltán Polgár and Ede and Zsolt Tiffán.

From the moment the government allowed free entrepreneurship, the talents of the winemakers became evident and the reputation of the area soared.

In collaboration with father (Ede) and son (Zsolt) Tiffán, almost certainly the most famous name  when it comes to quality red wines in Hungary, Jan van Lissum and Erik Sauter started a small winemaking enterprise with the name Domaine Mondivin.


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In 1992 we discovered that the Cabernet Franc grape was able to mature to great expression in the south of Hungary. When the opportunity to acquire a few acres with then 32 year old vines presented itself, there was no hesitation.

1993 was the year of the first harvest and eighteen have followed since. The wines are covered by the press listed amongst the best wines produced in Villány, usually obtaining scores of 90+/100 points. The prices remain very low in comparison with those from other, better known producers.

The performance potential of the Cabernet Franc grape was recognized by the legendary English wine personality Michael Broadbent.

Quote: “Michael Broadbent MW wrote that he believes the southern wine district of Villány in Hungary, is the natural home of the Cabernet Franc grape and that excellent wines are coming from the Villány and Szekszárd appellations.” Source.


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